The value of good writing and story-telling remains constant even in a time of literary and technological change. David's stories are strong, original, lively, and involve characters you will remember.

     MATT CONNELL is a mainstream novel and an award-winner. Matt, the title character, knows why he returned to Ireland: to help make peace between populations that keep the country divided. But he doesn't know--until later--that he's also trying to make peace with his own past as a U.S. Marine captain in Vietnam. He meets lethal obstacles, and also, does his utmost to win the love of an Irish woman.


     DAYLIGHT DOLPHIN spotlights a telepathic dolphin named Daylight for his passion to study creatures at the surface, particularly those strange "boat beings" we call humans. He and his family live near Miami Beach. Of course Daylight is a character in a completely different genre from Matt Connell--this tale is science-fiction/fantasy. Daylight knows what he wants too: namely, to prove that humans are "intelligent creatures like us dolphins."

     What's that you say? Dolphins are not telepathic. Well, how would anybody know that? Maybe we're the ones not using our real powers. Anyway, Daylight and his good friend Moby Dick IV make a good case for a hidden telepathic noosphere.

     Get your flippers and snorkel ready, this speedy guy will take you on an adventure that's almost out of this world. When Daylight starts training Virginia Greene how to talk to a dolphin, the fun starts.


      ABOVE THE HIGHEST BOUGH is a concise novel of spiritual splendor. Angela Gold is the protagonist. She wants to save an old-growth pine in Colorado from Big Timber World, Inc., a heartless conglomerate of staggering size and unbridled power. She tries sitting atop this doomed tree, but her adventure turns into a life-and-death struggle for herself too. 


     LATE THE SWEET BIRDS SANG is an inviting collection of love stories. In most cases, friends or former lovers try to get back together.

     David has also written non-fiction.

     PHILOSOPHY THAT WORKS 2nd Edition is a mature work touching on the future of philosophy. What may surprise you is the clarity and accessibility of his prose analyzing one of the hardest topics in any literature: the nature of factual truth and its distinction from truthfulness. Not everyone enjoys (or should) reading philosophy. If you do, however, you'll discover one of the most important subjects in philosophy has been resolved in original and rewarding fashion. 

     The book's title means what it says--that philosophy can and should be about consequences for human beings, that it needs to have practical, even measurable effects in our lives.


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