David M. Wolf has written and published novels, stories, poetry, and a work of original philosophy. You can find out about his writings in the Introduction page.

     He studied Philosophy at Rutgers College and added the M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Even though his interests inclined toward literary, classical, and political matters, he majored in Philosophy because it was harder; it challenged his intellect and his discipline. He wasn't always happy with the choice, but that, too, is partly philosophical.

     Luckily, he chose to "drop back and punt" from Philosophy to prose writing. The result is, so far, novels, stories, and poetry.

     The photo here shows one of David's favorite places--Dublin Bay from the beach at Sandycove, Ireland. He lived there a time in youth, an exciting, formative stage in which some of his literary and artistic sensibilities took form. He used to play his guitar and sing the pubs, haunt the libraries, and enjoy lively conversations all over. Good stuff for a memoir, and he's working on one or two.

     Another favorite place is Boulder, Colorado. He lived there and nearby for twenty-five years. Rocky Mountain high is more than  just a phrase; it's an outdoors, active, optimistic, and humane way of life too. David took all that with him when he moved to older mountains farther east.